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General history of the Group

Our business started at the end of 1974 when The General Trust Company Limited ("GTC") was formed in Guernsey. For the next ten years GTC was run from the office of an English lawyer and the company gradually built up its clientele from all parts of the world.

In 1984 GTC became a member of the New World group of trust companies. At the same time a Monaco incorporated service company was acquired by the group both to take over the management of GTC and to provide a Monaco office for New World Trust Corporation. Shortly after this, in September 1985, Ian Ledger joined the group from Kleinwort Benson in London with the task of building the business in Monaco.

In 1997, Ian Ledger and John Caseley effected a management buy-out of the trust and company management business in Monaco. This included GTC and the Monaco Company, which was renamed Landmark Management SAM.

In 2000, Nigel Carter joined the group from a trust company based in the Isle of Man and the business was majority owned by Ian, John and Nigel.

In April, 2003 Nigel set up the office in Geneva to provide the group with a higher profile in Switzerland and access to a wider clientele and then, at the end of 2007, we bought out a well respected trust company in Hong Kong to further extend our network of offices.

In May 2015 John Caseley retired and a restructuring of the Group occured, with 2 new investors joining the Group to provide a presence in Guernsey and a broader expertise.

We now have over 60 staff in these centres to offer a comprehensive range of administrative services. Each client's needs are different and we adapt ourselves to meet those needs rather than expect a client to change the habits of a lifetime to match pre-conceived systems.

Finally, and in order to compliment these offices, we have additional trust companies in Switzerland, Panama, New Zealand and Nevis so that we can provide a truly global service to meet our client's requirements.

General history of the Group