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Description of services provided

Description of services provided

Landmark Fiduciaire (Suisse) SA ("LFS") provides a range of individually tailored trustee and corporate management, administration and accountancy services to our private client base.

Trust:                         LFS has long established trust companies in New Zealand, Switzerland, Nevis, Panama and                                   Hong Kong

Foundations:           LFS can establish foundations typically in such jurisdictions as Switzerland, Liechtenstein,                                   Panama and Nevis or in other appropriate jurisdictions for clients where required.

Corporations:          LFS can establish International Business Corporations in many jurisdictions, utilizing our network                                   of preferred suppliers.

Management and Control: To spread jurisdiction risk and ensure tax minimization, LFS provides Trustee and                                   Corporate Directorships in conjunction with Landmark Group offices in Monaco and Hong                                   Kong.     

We are completely independent and are delighted to work with our clients’ existing team of advisors so as to ensure that the structures we establish and manage provide our clients with the specific services they require.

Working out of Switzerland, we pride ourselves on our confidentiality and professionalism, and the personal and consistent service we are able to provide.